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House Washing in Pacolet, SC

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The homeowner wanted this home to be cleaned so he could get it back on the market to sell. The house was covered with mold snd mildew. Sodium Hypochlorite was used to eradicate all the mold and mildew. The house cleaned up really well and the owner was pleased with how everything looked.

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Products Used: Sodium Hypochlorite
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When it comes to cleaning exterior surfaces, pressure washing is a powerful and effective method. However, there are instances where a gentler approach is necessary to avoid damage to delicate surfaces. Soft washing provides a safer and more suitable option for certain situations. In this blog, […]

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For Gaffney homes, a popular choice is fiber-cement siding. Fiber cement is versatile, attractive, and comes in a wide range of styles. It's also very durable and resistant to bugs and mold. Twice-a-year cleaning ensures that your fiber-cement siding looks great. Keep reading to learn how […]

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If you are looking for house washing in the Pacolet area, then please call 864-761-6589, or complete our online request form.